Pear Tree Varieties - Standard OHxF 97 Rootstock

Certified Organic Seed

Pear varieties available this year.

About Standard Pear Tree Root Stock

Pears are much more adaptable to growing in the Northeast, a reliable fruit tree to get your orchard started with! OHxF 97 is a vigorous, hardy root stock that produces trees that will reach 18-20 feet high and boasts resistance to fire blight.

    The pear tree varieties available are:
  • Anjou: The classic. Medium sized fruits, green in color, sometimes with a slight blush. Bright white, sweet, and juicy flesh when ripe.

  • Bartlett: One of the most popular varieties. Dates back to the 1770s. Excellent raw, baked, or canned, with a well-balanced, delicious sweet flavor. Green, with a golden yellow blush, becoming more yellow as it ripens.

  • Bosc: A widely grown variety from the 1800s, with golden russeted skin and firm, buttery flesh. Delicious eaten raw or cooked.

  • Seckle: One of the earliest American pears from the mid-1700s. Tiny but tasty fruits with a slight blush, and very firm flesh. Ideal for baking, canning, and poaching.

Planting Information

Only gardeners in zones 5 or above should plant bare-root trees in fall. Locally, this means gardeners growing south of Albany or the Vermont/Massachusetts line, at low- to moderate-elevation sites.

Bare root trees are dug when dormant and shipped immediately after. They should be transplanted as soon as possible, before the ground freezes. Keep trees in a cool place prior to transplanting to keep them from breaking dormancy.

Choose a site in full sun, with relatively well-drained soil.

When your tree arrives, soak the roots in water a few hours before planting. Dig a hole that will accommodate the roots when they are spread out, plus a little extra room. When planting, keep the tree perpendicular to the ground, and keep the graft a few inches above the soil. Spread the roots out and gently fill in will soil all around. Tamp the soil down and water in well.


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