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Purple Peruvian Potato

Certified Organic Seed

Solanum tuberosum

An Andean Heirloom with Unique Qualities.

Purple Peruvian is a treasured heirloom of the Andean mountains that has very unique characteristics. Close to its wild roots, this variety displays great drought and heat tolerance and is perfectly suited to growing in the Northern Hemisphere. The fingerlings are mid-sized sporting many eyes; the skin is thin and doesn't need peeling; and the tubers sparkle with blue-and-white stars when cut open. A little longer than most fingerling varieties, Purple Peruvians need at least 110 days to mature, using autumn rains to set their tubers. Sourced through Milkweed Tussock Tubers, a small-scale potato farm employing regenerative farming practices in Upstate New York.

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Days to Maturity 110
Planting Depth 4"
Spacing in Row 10"
Sun Preference Full Sun
Size of Tubers Medium fingerlings
Size of Plant Tall, thin
Tuber Shape Fingerling
Tuber Set Medium 3-5
Yield Medium
Late Blight Tolerance low
Scab Resistance Low
Maturity Late Season
Dormancy Medium

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