Summertime Lettuce

Certified Organic Seed

Lactuca sativa

Stays crisp and sweet without bolting in summer heat!

A crisp heading lettuce that, as the name suggests, excels during the heat of summer. Bred by Dr. Baggett at Oregon State, it resists growing bitter and bolting, the bane of all lettuce growers. And not only does it survive in the heat, it thrives. The heads are crisp and sweet by any iceberg's standard, even during the most dogged of the dog days.

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Start 3-4 weeks before planting outside. Sow 2-3 seeds per cell, thinning to 1 per cell. Transplant 8-12” apart in rows 12” apart. Harvest whole heads full sized or baby at base or snipe off individual leaves.  

Days to Germination 6-10
Days to Maturity 60
Planting Depth ¼"
Spacing in Row 8-12"
Spacing Between Rows 12"
Height at Maturity 12-24"
Width at Maturity 6-12"
Sun Preference Full to Little Sun

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