Vates Blue Curled Kale

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Organic Vates Blue Curled Kale Seeds

Curly, dark green

Brassica oleracea
Traditional crunchy kale shines in the winter garden.
Delicious when braised. Rigid texture holds its own, never melting away like a less crinkly variety. Plants are compact but productive. Harvest for weeks and weeks.
Product ID# KA0202 , Certified Organic by NOFA-NY LLC

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THE STORY: Kale comes in many degrees of frill, from broad flat Russian varieties--at one end of the spectrum--to the undulating, nearly serrated Vates Blue Curled at the other end. It's the kale often used as garnishes--but what a waste! It's so delicious and toothsome when braised! Also great in a potato-based soup or as part of a stir fry, where its more rigid texture holds its own, never melting away like a less crinkly variety. Plants are compact but productive--harvest for weeks and weeks.

USE: Plant this cold hardy kale in the late summer for a fall and winter crop, it reliably overwinters in zone 5 b and puts on a lot of growth int he spring. A great kale for making kale chips and kale salad, just be sure to marinade with an acidic dressing.

Quick Facts
Days to Germination 5 to 10 days
Days to Maturity 55 days
Planting Depth ½ inch
Spacing in Row 18 inches
Spacing Between Rows 12 inches
Height at Maturity 18 to 36 inches
Width at Maturity 18 inches
Growing Instructions

Kale likes to be transplanted--even the summer sowing--and it wastes less garden space to do so. It also gives the seedlings a head start against the flea beetles, which will happily munch on kale seedlings if eggplants and mustards are unavailable. Sown in early March and transplanted in mid-April, you can begin harvesting delicate frilly leaves in late May. Sow again in late June or early July for a fall crop. Give the plants highly fertile soil.

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