White Clover Cover Crop

White Clover Cover Crop Seeds

Rugged green. Great for paths.

Trifolium repens
A Nutrition-Builder with Countless Uses
White clover is useful in the landscape as a ground cover for paths and lawns and is also useful to soil health as a low-maintenance nitrogen fixer. It’s good to keep a pack on hand for easily greening any problem areas.
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Low-growing White Clover is a trooper. Use it to establish patches of lawn or green paths that do not spread aggressively into neighboring garden beds and do not require much mowing. It holds up to plenty of traffic, but note that it is not as resilient to heavy use as grass. But, unlike grass, it is a nitrogen-fixing workhorse, helping to create nutrition that is accessible to plants growing in beds along path and lawn edges.
Sow nearly anytime, but spring and late summer are best.

Garden Pack: 2 ounces, sows roughly 125 square feet
Homestead Pack: ¼ pound, sows roughly 300 square feet
Farm Pack: 1 pound, sows roughly 2,000 square feet

Quick Facts
Days to Germination 7 to 10 days
Days to Maturity 80 days
Planting Depth ¼ inch
Spacing in Row 6 inches
Spacing Between Rows 6 inches
Height at Maturity 12 inches
Width at Maturity 12 inches
Growing Instructions

Sow anytime of year by broadcasting shallowly into prepared bare soil. Rake in gently and keep watered until emergence. Do not fertilize heavily; white clover is a rugged plant that prefers moderate soils and fixes its own nitrogen. Allow plants to reach 6 inches in height before permitting moderate foot traffic.