Mexican Sour Gherkin

Mexican Sour Gherkin Seeds

Bright and tangy bursts of flavor

Melothria scabra
Tiny fruits with cucumber flavor that pop at each bite.
Enjoy a refreshing, explosive sensation. Flavor is sweet, tart, and pleasant and can even be used for pickles. If trellised, plants yield well without much space.
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Itty bitty, bite-sized cucumber-like fruits form on this unique, sprawling but small leaved vine. Each bite is a refreshing, explosive sensation, and the flavor is a treat: sweet and pleasant, but predominantly tangy, hence the name. They do make lovely pickles. Not a true cucumber, but a member of the species Melothria scabra. A great choice for small spaces, those who love anything unique and for market growers. Also a very popular item sold at farmer's markets in packed in half-or-full pints. Trellis for best production, ease of harvest and use of space.

Quick Facts
Days to Germination 3 to 10 days
Days to Maturity 75 days
Planting Depth ½ inch
Spacing in Row 12 inches
Spacing Between Rows 36 to 60 inches
Height at Maturity 36 to 48 inches
Width at Maturity 12 inches

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