Arugula Art Pack

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  • Fresh Arugula
  • Arugula Quatrefoil
  • Doug using the wheel hoe to cultivate.
  • Close up of arugula flowers. They're edible!
  • Artist illustrating an arugula leaf.

Organic Arugula Seeds

Eruca Sativa
Bright and potent green, delectable in the cooler months.
Art Pack, 500 seeds
Product ID# AR0001A , Certified Organic by NOFA-NY LLC

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Foods have meanings that change over time. The Romans grew arugula for its edible leaves, flowers, seed pods, and as an aphrodisiac--the last role led to its being banned by the Catholic Church. Mesclun mix salads were staples of the Romans, but today they've been branded by some as a "snooty" food of the out-of-touch dining class. We're not bitter, but we don't think there are any politically incorrect foods you can grow in your garden.

The second photo here is of an arugula illustration in progress from our friend and artistic collaborator Gregg Moore of Heirloom Home and Studio. We like to think that gardening inspires art just as much as art inspires gardening.

Quick Facts
Days to Germination 4 to 8
Days to Maturity 38 days
Planting Depth ¼ inch
Spacing in Row 6 to 12 inches
Spacing Between Rows 12 inches
Height at Maturity 12 to 24 inches
Width at Maturity 6 to 12 inches
Growing Instructions

Direct sow as soon as ground can be worked in spring until about the date of last frost. Start sowing again from mid-August until mid-September. Arugula grows very quickly; harvest spring sowings promptly before plants bolt. Drier, hotter, less fertile conditions make for a sharper flavor; best sown in moist garden soil in the cooler months when its quality is superb. Will overwinter in a cold frame.

About the Art and Artist
Watercolor by Robert Morris.