Fall Is the New Spring

As one garden year ends, another begins. Get next year's garden started today.

Seed Garlic and Shallots Fall-Planted Flower Bulbs Cover Crops Seed Sow Now for Fall Harvest Fall-Sown Flower Seeds Fall-Sown Vegetable Seeds Seed Clearance Harvest Helpers and Other Tools Frost Protection Apparel 2018 Calendar Art Prints and Posters

Garlic and Shallots

Big beautiful bulbs for growing gorgeous garlic and shallots.

Fall-Planted Flower Bulbs

Sow a beautiful spring into your fall soil!

Cover Crops for Fall

You can garden naked, but don't leave your soil bare!

Sow Now for Fall Harvest

There's still time! But move quickly. As the daylength shrinks, so do your sowing opportunities.

Fall-Sown Flower Seeds

Many flower seeds do better when sown in the fall!

Fall-Sown Vegetable Seeds

Fall is the perfect time to sow a suite of crops that prefer cool growing conditions.

Overstocked Seeds

Stock up for spring now and save!

Harvest Helpers and Other Tools

Tools to make Summer and Fall Harvests fun and easy!

Crop Protection

Use a bit of row cover, keep harvesting hardy crops into winter!

Organic Apparel

Practical. Stylish. Certified Organic.

2018 Calendar

Our 2018 10-year anniversary calendar ships in September!

Art Prints and Posters

Fall is a great time to rejuvenate your home decor!