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Farm Minute: Shelling Blue Jade Sweet Corn

Here's another one of Ken's Farm Minute videos. These are slice of life moments of life on our seed farm.

Doug's dad came across this old fashioned hand-crank sheller at one of his auctions and brought it to us. It sill works! Though this is an antique, it's more high tech than shelling corn by hand.

Here, Stu and Steven are shelling seed stock for our Blue Jade Sweet Corn. It's a dwarf variety that can be grown in smaller spaces but still has big sweet corn flavor.

3 thoughts on “Farm Minute: Shelling Blue Jade Sweet Corn”

  • Juanita Lane
    Juanita Lane 09/11/2014 at 6:04 am

    Wow, this brought back memories! We had a corn sheller on our farm back in the 60's; it was made mostly of wood but very heavy. It certainly did the job.

  • Debby

    We bought a Maximizer sheller from Pleasant Hill Grain and are happy with it. We use it for flour corn and popcorn. Since it clamps onto a 2 x2 it's very portable. They also have a big selection of grain mills that can be powered in different ways. http://pleasanthillgrain.com/maximizer-hand-corn-sheller-manual-walnut-maize


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