2015 Catalog Guide

by Tusha Yakovleva

DSC09845Our 2015 Catalog is not just our biggest ever, it's also full of new surprises and improvements. Browse some of the highlights to to get acquainted, before curling up with your favorite hot beverage and a notebook to dream up your garden plan.

New Sizes (= Better Prices)! To better serve growers in all kinds of spaces, we have added two new pack sizes: Homestead Packs and Farm Packs. The Homestead Pack size is slightly bigger than our standard Garden Packs - perfect for gardeners who grow most of their own food and enjoy preserving some of the harvest for winter or sharing. Farm Packs are even bigger than the Homestead sizes and are meant for small-scale commercial growers - farmers growing one to three acres. Bigger packs also means more seeds for better prices! Small-space gardeners too can benefit from the new sizes by planning to grow crops in succession next season.

a newNew Varieties! This year, we moved our trial gardens to our Sales Manager Erin's farm, where we were able to try many new varieties (including quinoa - hopefully we'll be selling it within a few years!). Varieties that stood out for their flavor, growing habits and speed, pest and disease resistance, beauty, and other appealing characteristics made it into our catalog. From Coral Fountain Amaranth to Epazote, Bull's Blood Beets, and Fish Hot Peppers, our new 2015 catalog is full of amazing, surprising varieties.

Returning Varieties! Aside from the brand new additions, we've also got a number of favorite varieties available again after a year of more absence. They include Hank's Xtra Special Baking Bean, Panther Edamame, Parisian Carrot and more!

a wheelTools! Our tools and supplies offerings have grown into a robust collection of instruments to help ease common tasks like weeding, cultivating, and harvesting. From quality hand tools to the indispensable wheel hoes to simple garden planners, and essential season extension supplies - you'll find the right helpers for your growing space in our catalog.




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