Take a trip back in thyme with this evergreen herb: burn it as incense like the ancient Greeks did; purify your room with it like the Romans; take a leaf out of medieval Europe's book and stick a sprig under your pillow to stave off bad dreams. And travel through France, Assyria, and countless other places as thyme became rooted in their cuisines. Just as thyme has crept through time and space, it's a perennial that will slowly spread its low woody branches in your garden. Delicious fresh, the savory flavor will linger longer than other herbs in a dry form as well.


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Creeping Thyme

Creeping Thyme

A sprawling, flavorful ground cover.

from $4.99

English Thyme

Certified Organic

Charming perennial herb for the kitchen garden.

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German Thyme

The thyme is right: evergreen, aromatic and easy to grow!