Also known as Jerusalem Artichokes, sunchokes are an easy-to-grow crop that is native to North America. Above ground, they form splendid stalks of yellow flowers that look like sunflowers. Below ground, they form tasty tubers that are sweet and starchy with a unique, artichoke-like flavor that shines especially well in puréed soups. Sunchokes have a reputation for being difficult to rein in, but in our experience all that is required is to mow the perimeter of your patch when the shoots are 4-12" tall. So, it’s better to plant the tubers in a spot adjacent to a mowed lawn than in a prepared raised bed or other spot where mowing is more difficult.

Sunchokes will be available for pre-order beginning January 2024.


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Red Fuseau Sunchoke vendor-unknown Red Fuseau Sunchoke

Red Fuseau Sunchoke

Certified Organic

Deep red skin and sweet flavor. 


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White Fuseau Sunchoke vendor-unknown White Fuseau Sunchoke

White Fuseau Sunchoke

Certified Organic

Richly-flavored blond tuber.