Although some might simply think of amaranth as a weed that plagues their farms or gardens, it has been cultivated for as many as 8,000 years. Native to Central America, amaranth has been important to cultures across the globe throughout its long history. Some amaranth varieties are bred for their cereal-like grains, some for their edible leaves, and others for their spectacular ornamental blooms. They are a true exaltation of amaranth and its rich narrative.


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Coral Fountain Amaranth

Certified Organic

Cascading plumes of coral strike a dramatic tone in any landscape.

from $3.99

Cut Flower Garden Seed Collection

Grow your own beautiful bouquets!


Emerald Tassels Amaranth

Elegant tassels perfect for flower arranging.

from $3.99

Everlasting Flower Mix

Add cheer to winter with this mix of vibrantly-colored dried flowers.


Golden Giant Amaranth

Sumptuous blooms and delicious seeds.

from $3.99

Hopi Red Dye Amaranth

Certified Organic

A nutritious green for summer salad mixes.

from $3.99

Love Lies Bleeding

Certified Organic

Ornamental heirloom amaranth.

from $3.99

New Mexico Amaranth

Striking, flame-like flowers in two tones.

from $3.99

Organic Microgreens: Amaranth Organic Microgreens: Amaranth

Organic Microgreens: Amaranth

Certified Organic

Bright thread-like microgreens with flavor notes of corn and spinach.