"He that would perfect his work must first sharpen his tools." - Confucius


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Hori Hori Garden Knife

The ultimate all-purpose garden tool.


Ika Hoe

A heavy duty, high quality, japanese hand hoe that happens to be squid-shaped!


Hiyokko Saw Tooth Sickle

This compact, sturdy japanese saw-tooth sickle is a welcome companion for weeding and breaking up tough plants!


Folding Harvest Knife

High-quality stainless steel harvest knife.


Deadheads Mini-Snips

Cute mini snips specifically designed for deadheading. Now 3 for $21! (Color varies depending on availability.)

from $7.95

10" Copper Plant Markers

Weatherproof, embossable, copper plant markers.


10" Zinc Plant Markers

Weatherproof, embossable, zinc plant markers.


Kusakichi Saw Tooth Sickle

Great for weeding and cutting.


Needle-nose Pruner

Perfect for cutting flowers, fruit, and dead-heading


Hand Trowel Hand Trowel

Hand Trowel

Designed for ergonomic working and easy to find!

from $18.00

Ninja Claw

A high quality, japanese "mini rake" for smaller spaces, and detailed work.


Garden Knife Trio

A great price on 3 essential garden knives


Opinel Folding Saw Knife

Light, high-quality saw.


Opinel Hand Pruner - Green

Quality pruners, made in France cut clean and effortlessly


Opinel Hand Pruner - Navy

Quality pruners, made in France cut clean and effortlessly


Stainless Steel Sieve Set

Indispensable tool for cleaning seeds for seed saving.


Folding Garden Knife

High-quality stainless steel and beechwood folding knife.


Kana Scraper

Perfect for hand weeding and digging.