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This zesty salad green is both dependable and exciting. Its cold tolerance makes it one of the first and last crops of the season, and its rapid growth means you'll never want for succulent, spicy greens for salads and pasta dishes. It's also delicious in pesto, and braising it unlocks an exquisite nutty flavor. Arugula is a prolific self sower—let a few plants go to seed for a bottomless bounty.


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Certified Organic

Bright and potent green, delectable in the cooler months.

from $3.85

Organic Microgreens: Arugula Organic Microgreens: Arugula

Organic Microgreens: Arugula

Certified Organic

Potent, spicy microgreens grow quickly and deliver distinct roquette flavor.


Wild Arugula

Certified Organic

Smaller, punchier, and hardier than standard arugula.

from $3.99