Watermelons are a hard-working gardener's immediate reward. No cooking, no washing required. You don't even have to go inside—just split a ripe one on a rock! Then scoop out the sweet flesh, take a deep breath, look over your garden, and be grateful you grew your own dessert this year. What's more gratifying on a hot, dry day? Yes, our watermelons do have seeds in them, but that's to be celebrated too: save a few of those pips you spit out, and use them to sustain this beautiful summer ritual.


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Golden Midget Watermelon

Certified Organic

It'll let you know when it's ripe.

from $3.50

Sugar Baby Watermelon

Certified Organic

Oh Baby! Compact & sweetly mouthwatering.

from $3.75

Sweet Siberian Watermelon Sweet Siberian Watermelon Art Pack

Sweet Siberian Watermelon

Certified Organic

Delicious apricot flesh, ideal for short seasons. 



Ҫekirdeği Oyali Watermelon Ҫekirdeği Oyali Watermelon

Ҫekirdeği Oyali Watermelon

Juicy watermelon with stunning seeds. 

from $2.95

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