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Watermelons are a hard-working gardener's immediate reward. No cooking, no washing required. You don't even have to go inside—just split a ripe one on a rock! Then scoop out the sweet flesh, take a deep breath, look over your garden, and be grateful you grew your own dessert this year. What's more gratifying on a hot, dry day? Yes, our watermelons do have seeds in them, but that's to be celebrated too: save a few of those pips you spit out, and use them to sustain this beautiful summer ritual.


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Cekirdegi Oyali Watermelon

Juicy watermelon with stunning seeds. 

from $3.39

Golden Mini Watermelon

Certified Organic

It'll let you know when it's ripe.

from $3.99

Sugar Baby Watermelon

Certified Organic

Oh Baby! Compact & sweetly mouthwatering.

from $3.99

Out of Stock
Sweet Siberian Watermelon vendor-unknown Sweet Siberian Watermelon vendor-unknown

Sweet Siberian Watermelon

Certified Organic

Delicious apricot flesh, ideal for short seasons. 

from $3.99