We all know the type: the overachiever. They're a whiz at math and write poetry in their free time. They can name all the states in Mexico, do embroidery, and play the trumpet—oh, and they can cook, too. Well, nasturtiums are the overachievers of the flower world. Tender lily-pad leaves grow on prolific vines, and their resplendent flowers are painted with a whole spectrum of hues. Plus, they're edible! The flowers, leaves, and even immature seeds are crisp, spicy, and sweet. Give these pretty and prodigious plants full to partial sun and adequate water and watch them flaunt. 


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Edible Flower Mix

Flowers are nature’s most intricate candies.


Glorious Gleam Nasturtium

Jewel-hued edible flowers adorn 3'-long trailing vines.


Phoenix Nasturtium

Ivy-leaved nasturtiums with serrated petals.


Trailing Nasturtium

Solid green leaves, bushy vines, brightly colored blooms.

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Trailing Nasturtium Seedlings

Certified Organic 4-pack of seedlings

Solid green leaves, bushy vines, brightly colored blooms.


Variegated Nasturtium

Edible pastel blooms against alluring white-washed leaves.