The name does not deceive: tomatillos are indeed in the nightshade family just like tomatoes. In fact, both words come from the Nahuatl word tomatl. These sour-sweet husked fruits are the foundation of salsa verde and are a breeze to grow: treat them like tomatoes, but skip the pruning and staking, and watch the numerous branches get heavily with beautiful lantern-like orbs. Then head to the kitchen to face a hard decision: spicy, savory salsa or sweet, citrusy jam? Good idea—make both!


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Puebla Verde Tomatillo

Certified Organic

High yielding tart fruits essential for a salsa garden.

from $2.95

Purple Tomatillo vendor-unknown Purple Tomatillo vendor-unknown

Purple Tomatillo

Certified Organic

Deep purplish green fruits ripen to yellow.

from $2.37

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