Celosia defies floral expectations. Its nearly neon inflorescences can look like candle flames or coral. Such colors and shapes are usually the realm of dreams and deep sea creatures, but don't worry—this member of the amaranth family is completely real, and not that hard to grow! Start seeds indoors 4-6 weeks before last frost and transplant them outside. Though it may seem a shame to do so, cutting the flowers encourages more blooms, and they'll make a stunning, surreal centerpiece! 


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Crested Mix Celosia

These vase-shaped blooms explode with color.

from $3.49

Everlasting Flower Mix

Add cheer to winter with this mix of vibrantly-colored dried flowers.


Goth Garden Flower Mix

A fascinating mix of dark, intricately-shaped flowers


Mammoth Magenta Celosia

Certified Organic

Deep pink crested celosia with green and orange foliage.


Ruby Parfait Celosia

Certified Organic

Branching plants produce a plethora of brightening blooms.

from $4.39