On their long journeys through time and place, some seeds earn many names. Centaurea cyanus originated in Europe, where its prolific appearance in grain fields earned it the name cornflower. In other circles, young courtiers used to wear the flower on their lapels, and if it withered too quickly, they took it as an omen that their love was not returned—hence the name bachelor button. We promise this flower will love you, though, no matter what you decide to call it. 

Bachelor Buttons

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Bachelor Button Polka Dot Mix

Feathery button-size blooms of true blues, whites, and pinks.


Classic Magic Bachelor Button Mix

Mesmerizing jewel-tone blooms.

from $3.99

Edible Flower Mix

Flowers are nature’s most intricate candies.


Jubilee Gem Bachelor Buttons

Certified Organic

Also known as Blue Cornflower.

from $3.99