These sweet treats are the best opening act and last hurrah of the garden. Peas are frost-hardy and can be sown in spring, and then again in a cool autumn. They fall into several distinct types: Sugar snap peas are plump and sweet for both fresh eating and cooking. Snow peas are flat, mild in flavor, and delectable in stir fries. Shelling peas are prized for their plump seeds, which can be eaten fresh or cooked, while the shell is discarded. Field peas are a fantastic cover crop that fix nitrogen and add organic matter to the soil. Whichever you choose, these peas are sure to please.


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Field Pea Cover Crop Seed

Certified Organic

A quick cover crop for spring or fall.

from $5.39

Golden Sweet Snow Pea

Certified Organic

High-contrast, verdant vines with bright yellow pods.

from $3.99

Green Arrow Shell Pea

Certified Organic

Vigorous vines bear numerous pods that pack 8-10 peas each.

from $3.49

Laxton's Progress Shell Pea

Certified Organic

Also known as Laxton's Progress No. 9.


Magnolia Blossom Snap Pea

Tasty green pods amidst a tangle of tendrils.

from $3.99

Sugar Daddy Snap Pea

Petite plants give way to endless amounts of peas.

from $3.99

Sugar Magnolia Snap Pea

Beautiful, unusual snap pea, with good, sweet flavor

from $3.99

Sugar Snap Pea

Certified Organic

Equally delicious fresh off the vine or steamed briefly.

from $3.99

Swiss Giant Snow Pea

Delightful as an ornamental and an edible variety.

from $3.99

Tom Thumb Pea

Certified Organic

A petite pea perfect for planters.


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Tall Telephone Shelling Pea vendor-unknown Tall Telephone Shelling Pea vendor-unknown

Tall Telephone Shelling Pea

High yields of peas in easy-to-shell pods.

from $3.39