by Ken Greene

Vintage tools. Vintage tools.

Do you have (or make!) a favorite tool, container, book, material, kitchen item, or garden art? Let us know! Are there gardenwares you wish existed but can't seem to find? Tell us! We're looking for the most useful, practical, and beautiful gardenwares to add to our website for you. As we find new products they will be added to the (coming soon) Gardenwares section of

So far we have handcrafted cutting boards from local woodworker (and our amazing farm intern) Rustic Stu, antique seed packets from early 1900s New York seed companies, and our very own handmade Gardener's Soap with a Seedy Side will be added in July. Archival prints of some of the original Pack Art is on the way too. You can post suggestions in the comments to this blog post or join the discussion on Facebook.