Highlights from June 2015

by Erin Enouen

volunteer day hats (800x450) Our volunteer day was definitely a highlight of the month! A big thank you to the wonderful people that came and helped us weed our Italienischer Lettuce crop.

IMG_0627 A bush-habit delicata we are growing for next year's catalog! Here we have it in our container trial.

IMG_0474 A welcome visitor!

gallery show in high falls (800x600) Our gallery show at the High Falls Garden Fair.

angela germ testing (450x800) Angela is a pro seed germination tester. The germination rate refers to the percentage of seeds that germinate in a given time frame.

blooming onions Clear Dawn onions blooming. Pollinators love all those flowers filled with pollen.

cutting conduit (600x800) We use t-posts and EMT electric conduit as stakes for our hundreds of feet of tomatoes. Here Doug is cutting the conduit with a reciprocating saw as Steven holds it in place.

doug fixing tractor (800x600) Doug repairs the PTO shaft of our flail mower. The break was quite dramatic, but the fix was quick! The mower is back in action.

mache seed drying (600x800) Our first seed harvest of 2015! Mache--the hardiest of the greens.

pea flower dew (800x600) Swiss Giant Snow pea bloom with hundreds of kisses of dew.

protecting kale seed (600x800) Using row cover held up by twine and clothes pins to keep birds from our ripening kale seed.