Seed Sources

by Ken Greene

One of my best friends in high school used to say, "Cool beans!" when she really really liked something. I never really knew where the phrase came from but I'm reviving the old school saying in a new context.

More seeds from gardeners who are stewarding unique varieties are coming in every day. I wanted to share this one because the beans are just so cool! We'll be trialing them this year to see how the plants grow in our region, making sure the variety is consistent, and the best part will be seeing how they taste! They're called Bosnian Pole Beans. If you could name them anything you wanted to, what would you call them?

IMG_3479 (800x600) If you could name these cool beans anything you wanted, what would you call them?

And speaking of taste, we're going to have a little roadside farm stand this year where local folks can come and taste all the varieties we grow. It's going to be a super diverse and unusual farm stand next to the trial gardens which are located just around the corner from the Seed Library at Hollengold Farm home of botanical illustrator Wendy Hollender. Her newest project, illustrations for the field guide and cookbook Foraging and Feasting, will be available soon!

I'll let you know when everything's in place and we're ready for you to come check out the farm stand.