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Welcome to our 2020 Seedling Sale! We're offering certified organically grown vegetable, flower, and herb transplants ready to take home to your gardens. In years past, we have collaborated with our friends at the Catskill Native Nursery to stage a fun, four-day festival for plant lovers—and that's where we sold these seedlings. This year, however, to ensure the health and safety of our staff and customers, we have had to change the sale into a pre-order and distribution event.

The seedling distribution will take place at Neighborhood 209 (formerly Skate Time 209), at 5164 US Highway 209, in Accord, New York—just a couple of miles from our office and greenhouses. The large parking lot at the site will afford us the opportunity to safely and efficiently serve our usual customer volume in a simple, no-touch pick-up distribution method. (Unfortunately, our own facility is not set up for this kind of traffic.) Growers will be able to order their seedlings from our offerings below  and arrange a time for a no-touch in-person pick-up of their order from May 13th through May 19th.

2020 Seedling Sale:

1. Get shopping! Fill a cart with the seedlings you want and check out as normal. Note that you'll also be able to order other products from us as well. Feel free to order seeds, row cover, hoops, or any other products. We'll have everything you add to your cart ready for you at your chosen pick-up time. 
2. Check out. Once you've finished filling your cart, please check out as normal, being sure to select "In-person pick-up" as your shipping method. Note that if you have seedlings in your cart, it will permit you to select *only* the in-person pick-up option.
3. Schedule your pick-up time. Once you've paid for your order, you'll need to schedule a time to pick it up. This can be done from a link you'll find in the order confirmation page or in your order confirmation email. There, you'll be able to choose an available time-slot to pick up your seeds in person. Please note that if your desired time slot is not showing, it means that it has already been booked up by other gardeners. Please choose another.
4. Come and get your plants. Please note that in order for this pick-up to go as smoothly as possible, it is important that you arrive within your chosen time slot. As we have to move goods to this pick-up location from our main facility, we can't guarantee that your order will be with us at any other time. If an emergency arises and you cannot make your time slot, please reschedule via the scheduling app (you'll find a link in your email) or call us promptly at 845-204-8769 to make other arrangements. Your order will be waiting for you, prominently labeled, when you arrive.

The pick-ups will take place during the following hours:

Wednesday May 13, 9am to 4pm
Thursday May 14, 9am to 4pm
Friday May 15, 9am to 4pm
Saturday May 16, 1pm to 6pm
Monday May 18, 9am to 4pm
Tuesday May 19, 9am to 4pm

Again, please note, you MUST schedule a pick-up via the link provided on the confirmation page after purchasing your seedlings. Being sure to complete this easy step will allow the event to go smoothly and will ensure that your order is ready and waiting for you at your appointed time. Thanks so much, and happy shopping!

Seedlings priced at $4.75 are 4-packs.
Seedlings priced at $4.15 are large, single plants in 4" pots. 
Just a few come in both sizes. Be sure to choose the size you'd like.

We are now sold out of seedlings. Thank you for your support and interest!
Check out our friends at Clove Valley Community Farm (in High Falls) and Four Winds Farm (in Gardiner), or check with your local farmer's market to see if any farms are bringing seedlings in the coming weeks.


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