The Beauty of Seeds

by Ken Greene

Fall gardens are bittersweet. While we're still harvesting sweets like peppers, squash, and carrots, the first bitter moments of chill are nipping our noses. On the farm the plants are putting all their remaining energy into their seeds. We're putting our energy into harvesting, cleaning, testing, and packing them up to share with you.

This time of year, especially with all this unusual fall humidity and rain, the farm starts to look like a Gothic painting. Drooping black sunflower heads, rotting tomato vines, pale fading flowers, and the muted tones of bare soil and leafless trees are setting the stage for winter. The setting has it's own kind of abundant beauty that is very different from the bright summer of ripe fruits and verdant greens. This time of year, the beauty in in the seeds. Seeds hold the promise of another spring and help soften the coming crisp months foreshadowed by fall. The brightest spot for us is the new artwork. We'll be giving sneak peaks all fall and will reveal the eclectic and colorful new collection in November for the Holiday Seed Catalog. Save the date for this year's Art of the Heirloom exhibition on November 4th. We'll make sure there's lots to look forward to!

Here is a slide show that captures some of the seediest moments of beauty our farm in the fall.