The Story of a Seed: Swiss Giant Snow Pea

by Erin Enouen


Every seed tells a story! In this blog series, we explore the in depth story from seed to pack to art for our new art pack varieties.

Swiss Giant Snow Pea

What makes this variety stand out: Tall, robust vines double as an ornamental with large bi-colored flowers in shades of pink and burgundy. 5' vines produce high yields of 3-4" pale, sweet pods. Sow as soon as the soil can be worked for a late spring crop, or in late summer for a fall crop. The best performing variety for seasonal succession sowing.


Growing hundreds of pounds of pea seeds: Upon our first harvest, we couldn't wait to celebrate this variety in an art pack, but we needed to grow enough seed first! This project was 3 years in the making. (Which is true of many of the varieties we offer.) We first produced enough to expand our planting stock, starting with only enough seed to sow a couple beds. Then, for two seasons, while offering a small amount in our catalog , we continued to build and select a supply of planting stock big enough for an entire block, 1500 bed feet. In 2015 we planted our most massive pea crop to fill the beautiful seed packs illustrated by Sara Pearce, and will be planting the same size grow out this giant snow pea seeds drying

Our lead farm crew member Steven hand harvested, threshed and winnowed the pods for 125 pounds of certified organic Swiss Giant Pea seed this year!


whats up swiss pea

About the art: Through collage, artist Sara Pearce reimagines giant peas, slaloming down Swiss slopes, towards the buried remains of early dwellers.