Purple Vienna Kohlrabi

Certified Organic

Brassica oleracea

Any way you dice it, it's delicious.

Raw, cooked, diced, fried, stewed, julienned, fresh from the garden, or stored for winter, this inter-planetary looking cole crop should be a more familiar sight in American gardens (not just in Roswell). This variety has a lovely purple hued skin and light green interior, giving it the luminescence of a flying saucer.

This pretty cross produces an enlarged stem that's turnip shaped and tastes like a sweeter broccoli. Great raw and cooked and best grown in spring and fall.

This variety is suitable for growing as a microgreen. 🌱

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Direct sow 3 weeks before last frost, or start indoors 6 weeks before frost and then transplant 3-4 weeks later. Purple Vienna Kohlrabi appreciates fertile soil with steady moisture. Best harvested when bulbs are about 3" in diameter; save young leaves for raw eating or steaming. This variety is not a giant type; must be harvested at no larger than 4" diameter to avoid woody flesh.

Days to Germination 4 to 7 days
Days to Maturity 60 days
Planting Depth ½ inch
Spacing in Row 6 inches
Spacing Between Rows 12 inches
Height at Maturity 12 to 18 inches
Width at Maturity 12 to 18 inches
Sun Preference Full to Partial Sun

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