Variegated Nasturtium

Tropaeolum majus

Edible pastel blooms against alluring white-washed leaves.

Everyone loves nasturtiums. Their profuse, round leaves and cheery, flat-faced blooms serve as a wonderful easy-to-grow ground cover. The leaves of this variegated variety are mottled white and green, while the flowers are deeply-hued pastels. The combination is a striking one, and its visual charms alone make it worth growing. But don't just look, taste! Â Nasturtiums are delicious: use the peppery leaves and flowers to enliven salads, and pickle the immature seeds as a substitute for capers!


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Direct sow around last frost, or start 3-4 weeks earlier under protection. For lots of blooms, provide soil that is not too fertile; high fertility will result in more leaves than blooms. Average garden soil amended in previous seasons (but not during the current one) is ideal. Harvest blooms and leaves for spicy, delicious additions to summer salads. Harvest immature seeds for pickling.

Days to Germination 7-10 days
Days to Maturity 60
Planting Depth ½-¾"
Spacing in Row 12-18"
Spacing Between Rows 18"
Height at Maturity 12"
Width at Maturity 18"
Sun Preference Full Sun

Art by Jenny Lee Fowler. Jenny used paper from an old dust jacket of One Straw Revolution by Masanobu Fukuoka, a seminal book in the sustainable agriculture movement, to capture the likeness and significance of these heirlooms.

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