Dragon Carrot

Certified Organic

Daucus carota

This purple-skinned root glows gold within.

Plant Breeder John Navazio and his colleagues developed this variety from one of Chinese origin. It dwells below the soil with the Fucanglong Dragon, the dragon of the underworld and hidden treasures, an apt companion for this carrot, as its purple skin hides a bright orange and gold interior with a terrific, sweet-and-carroty flavor. Delight in the aesthetics of this variety, and rejoice in the work of small-scale and public-interest plant breeders: the true hidden treasures of organic agriculture.


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For best results, always sow carrots in a very well-prepared, fertile, smooth garden bed. Choose your least weedy soil for carrots, as they are tricky to cultivate when young. Keep summer sowings moist to improve germination. Thin to indicated spacing. For sweetest roots, start a fall crop mid-summer. The cooler temperatures cause the starches in the roots to turn into sugars.

Days to Maturity 90 days
Planting Depth ¼"
Spacing in Row 2"
Spacing Between Rows 12"
Height at Maturity 24"
Width at Maturity 6"
Sun Preference Full Sun

Artwork by JiaJia Hamner. JiaJia's work, made with ink and watercolor on paper, depicts the magical beings of the underworld. She has also included the chemical symbol for anthocyanin, the compound responsible for this carrot's deep purple hue.

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