Anjou Pear Tree

Certified Organic

A refreshing and juicy classic.

Blooms early - mid spring

A classic, popular variety, dating back to the early 1800s. These superb, medium sized fruits are almost egg-shaped, green in color, sometimes with a slight red blush. Bright white, subtly sweet, refreshing and juicy flesh when ripe. A wonderful all-purpose pear that stores very well.
2 year old bare-root trees from our farm partner, Full Circus Farm in Pine Plains, NY.

All of our pear trees are offered on OHxF 97 root stock. OHxF 97 leads to "standard" fruit tree size, 18-20 feet high, and is a vigorous, hardy root stock that boasts resistance to fire blight.

Pollinator needed, recommended to cross pollinate with Bartlett, Harrow Sweet, Hosui, Seckel, or Olympic Giant.

At this time, all of our bare-root fruit trees are offered for local pick up only, at our Accord, NY location.


This item is currently out of stock, but that doesn't mean it's gone for the season.
1 Bare Root Tree (4-5 ft. Height) $45.95 Out of Stock

Choose a site in full sun, with relatively well-drained soil. Plant your tree as soon as possible after pick up, and soak the roots in water a few hours before planting. Dig a hole that will accommodate the roots when they are spread out, plus a little extra room. When planting, keep the tree perpendicular to the ground, and keep the graft a few inches above the soil. Spread the roots out and gently fill in with soil all around. Tamp the soil down and water in very well. Keep well-watered and mulched while young trees are getting established.

Bloom Season Early - Mid Spring
Spacing in Row 18'
Height at Maturity 18-20'
Width at Maturity 18'
Sun Preference Full Sun

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