Dahlia Zinnia

Zinnia elegans

Attracts birds, bees, and humans alike.

Stunning 4-6 inch single and double blooms attract birds, bees and human flower-lovers alike with their bright colors and beautiful form. This mix includes blooms in bright shades of yellow, red, pink, coral and orange. Plant all together, or in a mixed flower garden. Long stems make these zinnias a sought after cut flower. Beautiful in a vase on their own, or in a mixed bouquet.

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Direct sow after frost or sow under protection several weeks before, then transplant. Space 12 inches apart. Zinnias appreciate decent soil but are otherwise fairly easy to grow. Makes an excellent cut flower. Japanese beetles love them, so do pay attention in mid-summer.

Days to Germination 7 to 10 days
Days to Maturity 75 days
Planting Depth 1 inch
Spacing in Row 12 inches
Spacing Between Rows 24 inches
Height at Maturity 40 inches
Width at Maturity 18 inches
Sun Preference Full to Partial Sun

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