Garlic Chives Seedlings

Certified Organic

Allium tuberosum

Easy-to-grow, early perennial herb. Pretty white blooms in late summer.

Public libraries are hotspots of culture, and sometimes hotspots of food culture. At the Gardiner Library, Insook, a frequent library patron and avid gardener, would regularly bring in food to feed the library staff. One such treat became the reason we now grow and sell seeds of Garlic Chives. Although it appeared to be a jar of chopped lawn grasses, Insook’s favorite kimchi, made entirely of garlic chive stalks, remains one of the best—and simplest—kimchis ever. Find the recipe on our blog.


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Chives are easy to grow and thrive in a number of garden places, including borders and containers. Transplant outdoors in clumps when chives are about 3", as soon as the soil can be worked. Alternately, direct sow outdoors as soon as soil can be worked in a weed free area. Chives will grow slowly at first, but once established are extremely hearty and fast growing. For best culinary quality, cut chives, one established, every week or two. Flowers are edible as well, but should be cut when soft and pink if you are planning on eating them.

Days to Maturity 85 days
Spacing in Row 12"
Spacing Between Rows 12 inches
Height at Maturity 12-18"
Width at Maturity 10-14"
Sun Preference Full to Little Sun

Artwork by Wildflower Graphics. Wildflower Graphics combines the hand-drawn illustrations of Lynne Bittner (1957-2016) with the digital wizardry of her husband, Richie Bittner, and daughter, Dorothy Greenhouse. Their work allows the inner light of plant forms to shine.

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