Keuka Gold Potato

Certified Organic Seed

Solanum tuberosum

Robust, easy-to-grow northern-variety.

Keuka Gold is a robust, easy-to-grow potato bred at Cornell University to rival the classic Yukon Gold. It's a workhorse which sets heavy, grows well, and offers strong yields of great-tasting tubers. The plants are vigorous with white flowers, and it is resistant to common scab and golden nematode. The buff-skinned, yellow-fleshed tubers store well. Keuka is at its best when boiled, but is also great for roasting and baking.

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Days to Maturity 90
Planting Depth 4"
Spacing in Row 10"
Sun Preference Full Sun
Size of Tubers Medium-Large
Size of Plant Medium
Tuber Shape Oval
Tuber Set Mod-Heavy
Yield Heavy
Late Blight Tolerance Medium
Scab Resistance High
Maturity Mid-Late
Dormancy Medium

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