Sharing the Art of Seed Pack 2024

A nominal fee to cover the shipping of your free seeds--and big discounts on any other purchases!

This is a donation of seeds and is for NON-PROFITS, COMMUNITY GARDENS, and OTHER CHARITABLE CAUSES ONLY!!! Please look within your heart and only move forward with the purchase if you are acquiring the seeds for such a purpose.

* You must apply through our FAQs page and receive an approval email confirmation before purchasing this item. Failure to do so will result in your order being cancelled.

This package contains roughly 20 seed packs.

We try to include a balanced assortment of vegetables, herbs, and flowers. We do not guarantee or fulfill requests for specific varieties. Please note that seeds may come in a variety of pack types and sizes and may list 2022 or 2023 as the packed-for date.

We ask for a $5 contribution toward shipping costs across the US so we can continue to provide as many free seeds as possible to our not-for-profit and charitable partners throughout the country.

** If you need a tax exemption for your order, please contact us before completing your order at Please include the purchasers name and email address, as well as your Tax-Exempt form.**

**A refund will be issued for any additional packs ordered over the 2 pack limit.**

** You will receive a tracking notification email when the package ships. We aim to process packages within a week of ordering. However, depending on order volume you may have to wait up to 10 business days.

** PLEASE DO NOT APPLY A DISCOUNT CODE TO YOUR DONATION ORDER. We are unable to restrict this in our system, so we ask that you please respect the hard work and time that goes into preparing these donations and do not use a discount code when checking out. Thank you.


This item is currently out of stock, but that doesn't mean it's gone for the season.
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