Sweet Annie Artemisia

Certified Organic

Artemisia annua

A heavenly scented herb for dry bouquets.

AKA Sweet Wormwood, Sweet Annie, and Annual Wormwood. Wonderful in bouquets, wreaths, and swags, this sweetly aromatic herb can also be used in potpourri or dried and burned as incense. In traditional herbal medicine, Artemisia is described as having anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-malarial properties. Originally from China, where it is called Qing-hao, this variety will readily self-sow.

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Direct sow in late spring after danger of frost has passed, or start indoors 5-6 weeks before last frost. Sow seeds shallowly, barely covering them with soil, and keep moist but not wet until seeds have germinated. Watering with a mister is recommended to keep the seeds in place. Ideal germination temperature is around 70 degrees F. Sweet Annie performs best in full sun, but isn't fussy about soil; it will do just fine in average garden soil. Harvest foliage as desired throughout the season and use fresh or dried, for scent, in bouquets, or for medicinal preparations.

Days to Germination 7-21
Days to Maturity 120
Planting Depth 1/8"
Spacing in Row 12"
Spacing Between Rows 24"
Height at Maturity 60"
Width at Maturity 20"
Sun Preference Full Sun

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