5 Tools We Can't Live Without.

Our go-to tools for home gardening and farm work.

We all have our favorites. Some tools you just don't want to go without: the kind of tool that seem so perfectly suited to a task and so comfortable to grip that it feels like an extension of your body–even your mind. The prospect of doing some tasks without these tools can feel like going into battle without a trusty sidekick. Here at the seed company, most of us are either avid gardeners or we're serious farmers; so, let's just say we've tried a tool or two (or 20!). So, we checked in with the farm crew and the folks who garden at home to ask about their must-have tools. Read their responses below!

Hori Hori Knife

This all-purpose Japanese knife can be used for digging, transplanting, weeding and cutting.  Steven, our Farm Manager, has found it indispensable while working on the farm. Here's what he says:

"The Hori Hori is the single most useful hand tool for all day-to-day garden and farm chores. It's a superb digging spade that we use often for transplanting. The serrated edge comes in handy for cutting tomato twine, and it's strong enough for poly and hemp ropes too. The ruler is useful for measuring spacings between seedlings and bulbs, and for checking planting depths. Plus, it looks cool as all heck to wear one!"  

Needle-Nose Pruner

A convenient hand pruner for stems, twigs, vines, and more. TK, our Content Writer, says she is picky about garden tools but this one is a fave:

"I love the Needle-Nose Pruner because its soft-handled grip and light spring action keep my hands from getting tired. I use it for cutting dahlia stems and roses, snipping herbs, and for pruning tomatoes and vines. The blades are strong and sharp and the red handles mean its harder to lose among the weeds." 

Ika Hoe

The Ika, or Squid hoe, can be used with one hand and features a fork on one end and a flat hoe on the other. It's made of high carbon steel and useful for turning soil, weeding, and harvesting. Katie, our Trials Manager, loves this tool. Here's what she has to say:

"The Ika Hoe is a great one-handed tool to use in the garden. Its double feature of fork and flat hoe allows for its versatility to cultivate, as well as dig deep holes for transplanting and harvests. I use it every season when planting our dahlia tubers." 

Ninja Claw

This high quality, Japanese "mini rake" is made from hand-forged carbon steel, and is protected with a rust-resistant coating.  Crimson, our Wholesale Specialist and an avid home gardener, reports:

"The Ninja Claw is my favorite tool for clearing flower beds in the spring. It has a sturdy handle, and it's great for pulling leaf mould from around emerging flower bulbs."

Folding Garden Knife

Brendan, our Customer Service Representative, grows vegetables and enjoys making pickles at home. Here's how he uses this knife:

"The Folding Garden Knife is a great little tool to keep in your pocket for everyday day use around the garden. (It's also perfect for opening packages that you forget you ordered!) The locking blade is sturdy and sharp enough to cut through zip ties, row cover, and trellis netting."

Find the Folding Garden Knife and other indispensable gardening tools in our Tools And Supplies  collection.