Baffling Blooms and Flummoxing Flowers

by Ken Greene

Great guessing gardeners! Here are the answers. Just click on each photo if you want to see everyone's guesses.

Recently I posted a photo of a flower on our Facebook page. So far, only one person has guessed what it is.

That's because we like to grow some unusual varieties for fun, to find the most ornamental edible and useful plants, and to continue to expand our palettes and the seed catalog. Some of our plants are unrecognizable, even to experienced gardeners and farmers, because a seed farm looks a little different than a farm where many plants are harvested for eating well before they flower or go to seed.  I thought it would be fun to post some more photos of what's flowering on the farm to see who can guess their names.  Good luck, I'll post answers next week.

The flower I posted on Facebook  is extremely familiar in our daily lives, but not in our gardens. Since there were already sixteen guesses (one right!) I'll name this flower... cotton! See if you can guess the other 10 baffling blooms and flummoxed flowers.

If you've got a guess for an individual pic, click on the pic to make it larger and then leave a comment. Your guess will show up with the comments specific to that photo. If you want to try them all you can leave your list in the general comments field.