Dutch Red Shallot

Certified Organic Bulbs

Allium cepa

Easy to grow allium

Though in the same species as onions planted from seed, Dutch Red Shallots lie somewhere in between onions and garlic in terms of flavor. Unlike French Grey Shallots, Dutch Red can be planted in the fall or early spring. They are storage champs and will typically last for a year or more.

Grown Organically at Hudson Valley Seed Co's Four Fold Farm in Accord, New York and First Rain Farm in Nevada City, CA.

A pound of this variety will give you 40-50 plantable cloves of shallots, enough to plant a 25-foot row or 10 feet of a 3-foot-wide garden bed. They will yield 5 to 8 times what was originally planted.

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Dutch Red Shallots are easy-to-grow alliums that are planted in the fall or early spring for early summer harvest. Shallots grow in clusters that can be gently broken apart like garlic cloves and planted in the ground about 1 inch deep. In the spring, the shallot bulbs will multiply and sprout several green stalks per planted bulb, producing 6-12 bulbs per plant!  Prepare a bed with plenty of compost, and set individual shallot bulbs into the soil at a depth of 1-2" of soil coverage. Keep well weeded and water regularly; like all alliums, shallots respond beautifully to irrigation or rainwater. Harvest when the tops fall down, usually in July. Set untrimmed plants onto screens or hang them somewhere sturdy to cure. For curing, a warm, dry location out of direct sun is best. Once the green tops have dried to a crisp, clip them off, then discard any soft or rotten bulbs and store the good ones somewhere dark and dry. They are storage champs and will typically last for a year or more.

Planting Depth 2 inches
Spacing in Row 8 inches
Spacing Between Rows 18 inches
Sun Preference Full Sun

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