Seed Donation with Every Order!

by Tusha Yakovleva

seed-donation-drive-2013Vandana Shiva, the godmother of seed sovereignty once said, “Seeds are meant to be shared.” This is the heart of our business, to share seeds with you that can be shared again and again, season after season, generation after generation.

Here at the Seed Library, we love gardening, and we believe it should be a part of everyone's lives. To help make gardening as accessible as possible, we will donate 5 packs of seed to a garden in need with every order placed in December.

Next month, we will ask for seed donation nominations through our online form. Every group that's nominated will receive seed packets from the Seed Library. Over the years, we've donated thousands of seeds to school gardens, community garden groups, individual gardeners, and seed sharing groups like seed libraries, seed banks, seed swaps, and seed exchanges.

So go ahead, stock up on seedy gifts for the holidays now!

...And know that with every purchase, you are helping the Seed Library and a gardener in need.

Thanks for helping the Seed Library continue to save and celebrate seeds!