Seed Farm Intern Notes: Solo Early Morning Farm Walk

by Tusha Yakovleva

IMG_0684 Fawns love mornings too

IMG_0695 The asparagus looks like an icy pine tree right after sunrise

IMG_0709 In the morning, there is time to give the almost blooming Gift Zinnia a moment of my undivided attention

IMG_0700 And another moment to the merlot hues of Merlot lettuce

IMG_0712 Pea flowers, heavy with dew (or just sleepy?) stay closed until the sun dries them out in later morning

IMG_0703 Tomatoes are always this hairy, but mornings are the best time to see all their fuzzy glory

IMG_0697 The sun spills over the farm slowly, starting from the front, and creeping toward the back through the morning

IMG_0718 Until finally, the whole place is sunlit and the nearest shade is inside the barn