Welcome Junk Mail

by Ken Greene

Seed returns are coming in! Is yours on the way?

Your participation is what makes the Seed Library work. By joining other seed savers and pooling our resources, we deepen our relationships with the plants we love, our seed-saving ancestors, and other caring gardeners. Together we can create a regionally adapted source of seeds for the future. The more gardeners that jump in and try saving seeds from the plants they have grown and cared for, the more successful this cooperative process will be.

Seed Return The best junk mail we've ever received!

As you can see from this pic of Carolyn's seed return, successful seed saving can take on many forms. I love that Carolyn reclaimed these old junk mail return envelopes. She has assigned them a far more important job than their original commercial intent. Plus, she has reused them instead of tossing them out.

Your seed envelopes from last year can also be reused for saving seed and mailing them to us. You can also check out our events listings and return seeds in person. I love meeting Seed Library members in person.

After we process Carolyn's seeds and log her five seed credits online, these envelopes will serve another purpose: helping us start a fire in the wood stove. It's cold!