Sea Shells Cosmos

Certified Organic

Cosmos bipinnatus

Double blooms in pink, cream, and white.

Put your ear up to a big sea shell, and you hear the whole cosmos ebbing and flowing. You needn't go to the shore to witness this, though; just plant a patch of these cosmos. The big, lofty plants sway to and fro in the summer breezes like waves. The flowers are held aloft, each coiled, tubular petal like a small, colorful shell. Lay beneath the tall fronds and look up: behold a reef of bright purples, pastel pinks, and soft whites. The sky shimmers like the reflective underbelly of the water's surface. Your garden is an ocean.

Petals in shades of pink, cream, and white curl into a sea-shell shaped tubes. Grows very bushy and tall; perfect in corners or middle placement in gardens. Easy to grow and very nice, though short-lived, as a cut flower. A well-loved variety among pollinators.


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Easy-to-grow flowers tolerate plenty of neglect. Direct sow or transplant in average soil in full sun. Space 12" apart in any sort of soil; cosmos will succeed with reckless abandon.

Days to Germination 7-10 days
Days to Maturity 100 days
Planting Depth ½"
Spacing in Row 12"
Spacing Between Rows 18"
Height at Maturity 48-60"
Width at Maturity 24"
Sun Preference Full to Partial Sun

Artwork by Sally Vitsy. Sally's 3-dimensional paper sculpture places Sea Shells Cosmos in the natural environment of its namesake. Still rooted in a pot, the flowers are surrounded by fish, crabs and snails rather than hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies.

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