Bearded Iris 'Struck Twice'

A highly floriferous extraordinary beauty!

Blooms early summer

This U.S.-grown, re-blooming bearded iris has the most dreamy combination of ivory-white standards flushed with pink and pale salmon-pink falls highlighted by bright orange beards. It’s also wonderfully fragrant! Re-blooming irises flower in early summer and, if happy and well-cared for, produce a second flowering in early fall. 'Struck Twice' is known to be a very floriferous variety, and often continues flowering throughout the whole iris season; see our growing instructions for more info on how to encourage repeat blooming. Grows to 35” tall and prefers full to partial sun.

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Bearded Iris should be planted in full sun to partial shade - they require at least 6 hours of sunlight per day. They perform best in well-drained soil and should be planted on the surface of the soil with any roots facing down and buried, with the fan of the leaves and the upper surface of the rhizome facing up and exposed. Provide a layer of light mulch (such as straw or leaves) the first winter, but remove this as soon as the weather warms in spring; beyond this do not mulch.
Water in after transplanting; beyond that only provide water if it is extremely dry.
Plants benefit from a low nitrogen fertilizer in early spring and just after blooming to nourish the rhizomes. Apply fertilizer around the rhizomes, but not directly onto them.
Remove spent flowerheads after blooming is finished, and prune back the foliage to about 6" in fall after several frosts have occurred.
Bearded Iris like a lot of airflow and don't do well when crowded, so as your clumps grow they should be divided every 3-4 years to maintain 16" spacing.
To encourage a second fall bloom period in re-blooming varieties, make sure to be diligent about cutting back spent flower spikes and providing low-nitrogen fertilizer after the first flowering period has finished.

Bloom Season Early Summer
Planting Depth Surface
Bulb spacing 16"
Bulbs per Square Foot 1
Height at Maturity 35"
Sun Preference Full to Partial Sun
Hardiness Zone Range 4-9
Naturalizes? Yes

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