New Zealand Spinach

T. tetragonioides

A mild-flavored, high-yielding green for summer months.

The arrival of summer's heat doesn't have to mean an end to fresh spinach in your kitchen: New Zealand Spinach happily keeps on truckin' through the dog days of July and August. This crop from Down Under is not botanically a spinach, but it is prepared like one: tossed into dishes near the end of their cooking to wilt quickly and become silky soft. Its flavor is a bit more pronounced than that of regular spinach, but it's not at all unpleasant. An outstanding performer in stir fries, spinach pies, and garlicky spinach recipes.

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Direct sow from mid-May to early July, or start indoors a bit earlier. Space at least 12 inches apart in the row: once New Zealand Spinach takes off, it spreads quickly. Plants flower and go to seed rather discreetly and will often pop up in your garden next year. Not too picky about conditions, but do provide a bit of compost.

Days to Germination 14 to 21 days
Days to Maturity 70 days
Planting Depth ¼ inch
Spacing in Row 12 inches
Spacing Between Rows 24 inches
Height at Maturity 12 to 24 inches
Width at Maturity 12 to 36 inches
Sun Preference Full to Partial Sun

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