Mad Dog Skullcap Fine Art Print ~Signed~

Limited Edition • Signed by the Artist

Artwork by Niky Motekallem.

Niky Motekallem is an Iranian-American illustrator who depicts flora and fauna in various states of decay. She uses intricate lines and bright colors inspired by her
Persian roots to depict rot and rebirth.

About the Artist: When she isn't working in the studio, Niky is figure skating, brewing a decadent cup of tea, meandering in antique shops for inspiration, on hikes with plant identification guides, or crying over an anime episode.

The paper dimensions are 16 x 20 inches to fit a standard frame. We print all of our pieces on archival fine art papers using archival inks to ensure they will last as contemporary heirloom art. We recommend making sure there is space between the glass and print. You can do this by matting the print or you can skip the mat and have a spacer put in the frame.


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