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Happy Halloween!

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Goth Garden Flower Mix

A fascinating mix of dark, intricately-shaped flowers


Hori Hori Garden Knife

The ultimate all-purpose garden tool.


V-Shaped Hoe V-Shaped Hoe

V-Shaped Hoe

Excellent tool for quickly making furrows.


Small Ornamental Gourd Mix

Perfect for decoration, in various shapes and sizes.

from $3.99

Goth Garden Fine Art Poster

Artwork by Megan Buccere


ARS Needle-nose Pruner

Perfect for cutting flowers, fruit, and dead-heading


Birdhouse Gourd

Certified Organic

Make your own birdhouse with this gorgeous gourd!

from $3.99


Fragrant white blooms are best enjoyed at dusk.


Black Forest Kabocha Squash

Certified Organic

Extraordinarily sweet, dry, cake-like flesh.

from $3.99

Midnight Garden Fine Art Poster

Night blooming beauties attract creatures of the night.


Black Futsu Squash

Deep nutty flavor develops in storage.

from $3.99

Midnight Garden Flower Mix

Night blooming beauties attract creatures of the night.


Large Saw Tooth Sickle

Great for weeding and cutting.


Good Bug Blooms

A great mix for garden borders and beneficial bugs.


Burgess Buttercup Squash

Certified Organic

Sweet and tidy little buttercups.

from $3.99

Ninja Claw

A high quality, Japanese "mini rake" for smaller spaces and detailed work.


Connecticut Field Pumpkin

Certified Organic

Ornamental pumpkins signal fall; great for carving.

from $3.39

Spider Flower

A stunning, spindly floral garden delight.


Deadheads Mini-Snips

Cute mini snips specifically designed for deadheading.

from $7.99

Ika Hoe

A heavy duty, high quality, japanese hand hoe that happens to be squid-shaped!


Kana Scraper

Perfect for hand weeding and digging.


Opinel Folding Harvest Knife

High-quality stainless steel harvest knife.


Long Island Cheese Pumpkin

Certified Organic

Superb flavor for pies and soups.

from $3.99

Opinel Hand Pruner - Navy

Quality pruners, made in France cut clean and effortlessly