Happy Halloween!

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Connecticut Field Pumpkin

Certified Organic

Ornamental pumpkins signal fall; great for carving.

from $3.39

Deadheads Mini-Snips

Cute mini snips specifically designed for deadheading.

from $7.99

Goth Garden Fine Art Poster

Artwork by Megan Buccere


Goth Garden Flower Mix

A fascinating mix of dark, intricately-shaped flowers


Long Island Cheese Pumpkin

Certified Organic

Superb flavor for pies and soups.

from $3.99

Love Lies Bleeding

Certified Organic

Ornamental heirloom amaranth.

from $3.99

Mandurang Moon Tomato Fine Art Poster

Artwork by Sam Gray


Midnight Garden Fine Art Poster

Night blooming beauties attract creatures of the night.


New England Pie Pumpkin

Certified Organic

Charming small fruit yield excellent flesh for pies.

from $3.99

Spider Flower

A stunning, spindly floral garden delight.


Velvet n Lace Dianthus

Certified Organic

Velvety clove-scented blooms. 

from $4.39