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These Informal Dahlias have usually flat petals with sometimes slightly rolled at the tips. They normally have irregular arrangement of formation.

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Ball variety Dahlias astound us with their perfectly symmetrical double and globe shapped blooms. They are an architectural addition to any bouquet and garden and will leave you smiling! These beauts have sizes ranging from oranges to cotton balls and they are sure to delight!

Informal Dahlia

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Bishop's Children Dahlia Tuber Collection

Certified Organic

Single-petaled blooms in red, pink, and yellow adorn burgundy foliage.

from $22.99

Colorado Classic Dahlia Tuber

Certified Organic

Two-toned petals unfurl from white to bright lilac-pink. 

from $7.99

El Sol Dahlia Tuber

Certified Organic

Vigorous, radiant dinner-plate dahlia. 

from $14.99

Gabrielle Marie Dahlia Tuber

Certified Organic

Cheery, sunrise-tinted petals of apricot and gold. 

from $8.99

Half Pint Dahlia Tuber

Certified Organic

from $7.99

Iceberg Dahlia Tuber

Certified Organic

Large white blooms that cover short bushy plants. 

from $12.99

Mikayla Miranda Dahlia Tuber

Certified Organic

Crisp white petals frosted with purple.

from $10.99

Spartacus Dahlia Tuber Spartacus Dahlia Tuber

Spartacus Dahlia Tuber

Certified Organic

Exceptional, velvety, plum-colored dinnerplate dahlia.

from $11.99

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Strawberry Ice Dahlia Tuber Strawberry Ice Dahlia Tuber

Strawberry Ice Dahlia Tuber

Certified Organic

A cotton-candy confection of a dahlia, with billowy, abundant dinnerplate blooms.

from $13.99

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