Mother's Day

We've curated a collection of perfect gifts for Mom from our catalog. From our top seed picks, staff favorite gardening tools, artwork, gift baskets to jewelry, there's something for every green-thumbed Mom. And remember, Mother's Day is May 13th! 

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A Way to Garden

A Hands-on Primer for Every Season


Wild Bergamot Art Pack and Greeting Card

Matching seed pack and greeting card for foraging fans!


Seed Saving Kit

Grow your own seeds next season with this cute, informative kit perfect for the novice seed saver.


7 Gallon Recycled Fabric Planter with Handles

Root Pouch Planter with Handles

from $7.00

Glass Gem Corn Cluster Earrings

Precious clusters of glass gem kernels. Sterling Silver.


Three Sisters Necklace

Sterling Silver necklace with 3 sister seeds


Folding Harvest Knife

High-quality stainless steel harvest knife.


Hori Hori Garden Knife

The ultimate all-purpose garden tool.


Ninja Claw

A high quality, japanese "mini rake" for smaller spaces, and detailed work.


Seed Phytonutrients Hand Salve

Designed for dry and cracked hands, this hand salve keeps hands deeply nourished and hydrated without feeling greasy.


Everlasting Flower Mix

Add cheer to winter with this mix of vibrantly-colored dried flowers.


Endless Blooms Cut Flower Mix

Create perfectly pretty bouquets with this mix.


Butterfly Weed

Build a buffet for the butterflies!

from $2.95

For the Birds Flower Mix

Flowers for you, seeds for the birds.


Blazing Star

Showy spikes of bright magenta blooms bring in the pollinators.

from $2.95

Midnight Garden Flower Mix

Night blooming beauties attract creatures of the night.


Pansy Mix

A cheerful mix of hardy pansies.


Pollinator Petal Patch

Provide refuge for pollinators!


Ruby Moon Hyacinth Bean

Certified Organic

A rare, stunning, and vigorous climber for privacy and beautiful backdrops.


Shade Garden Mix

Varieties that do well in not-so-much sun.


Snapdragon Mix

Certified Organic

A pastel spectrum perfect for bouquets.

from $2.95

The 2021 Note Card Collection The 2021 Note Card Collection

The 2021 Note Card Collection

Hot off the press! New artworks from our 2021 collection!


Ika Hoe

A heavy duty, high quality, japanese hand hoe that happens to be squid-shaped!


Seed Phytonutrients Exfoliating Hand Wash

This apricot seed-rich hand wash is designed to remove dirt and grime.


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