Hungarian Blue Breadseed Poppy

Certified Organic

Papaver somniferum

Brief beauty, long-lasting health.

Watch honeybees bask all day in a vibrant cup formed by two-toned petals of violet and magenta. Once pollinated, the delicate petals will fall away revealing a blue-green pod that swells with seed in a matter of days. This annual breadseed variety produces large pods filled with scrumptious, nutty seeds that you can use in baking. Allow the pods to mature on the plant for the best-tasting seed. Poppies are very easy to grow, and even tolerate poor soils, but they require cold-stratification; for best results, direct sow from fall to early winter and look for tiny blue-green seedlings in spring.

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For best results, winter sow poppy seeds or sow in very early spring in a prepared garden bed. Thin seedlings to 12-18" apart. Alternately, start indoors in early spring by pressing the seeds into the soil, but do not cover them. Keep in a cool place. Transplant when small without disturbing the roots. Once flowering, water infrequently.

Days to Germination 7-10
Days to Maturity 100
Planting Depth 0"
Spacing in Row 18-24"
Spacing Between Rows 18"
Height at Maturity 48"
Width at Maturity 18"
Sun Preference Full Sun

Artwork by Girija Kaimal. The tissue paper-like transparency of poppy petals is captured through Girija's style of scratching through layers of pastels and paints. The ephemeral feeling of her work reflects the blooms that open and float away within a day.

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